Bryan Glazer (left), Joel Glazer (center), Edward Glazer (right)

Education: Bryan: American University, Whittier College School of Law; Joel: American University; Ed: Ithaca College

How They Acquired the Franchise: Malcolm Glazer purchased the franchise from the estate of Hugh Culverhouse for a then-record $192 million in 1995 after several failed attempts to buy other pro franchises in both the NFL and MLB. The trio of Glazer brothers and their sister, Darcie, inherited the team following Malcolm’s death in 2014.

Net Worth: The entire Glazer family has a net worth of $4.7 billion (per Forbes in 2015)

Franchise Valuation: $1.975 billion (per Forbes in 2017)

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How They Made Their Money: Malcolm Glazer built the family fortune in commercial real estate through First Allied Corporation, which“engages in the acquisition, ownership, management, and leasing of community and neighborhood shopping centers in the United States.”

In addition to the Bucs, the Glazers also own Manchester United, acquiring a majority ownership of the club between 2003 and ’05.

In the Owner’s Words: “I love football,” Joel Glazer told ESPN in 2011. “I haven’t missed a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game since we’ve owned the team and gone all the way to Japan. I live for Sundays. I live for the wins and can’t stand the losses. Anybody who knows myself or knows my family knows this is a true love.”

Political Donations: The Glazers have donated to both sides of the aisle. Bryan donated $10K to the Republican Party of Florida in 2014 and $5K to Republican George Allen in 2011, but also donated $12,900 to Democrat Charlie Crist between ’09 and ’17. Ed hosted a fundraiser for Donald Trump and donated $250K to the Trump inaugural committee, but also gave $5,400 to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in ’16. Joel’s sole donation outside of the Gridiron super PAC, was a $5,400 contribution to the Hillary Victory Fund in ’16.

NFL Committees:Joel: Media Committee, International Committee and Finance Committee; Bryan: Digital Media Committee.

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