Saquon Barkley knows how to deliver. In his NFL preseason debut, New York Giants running back Barkley delivered with a 39-yard rush on his first touch.

With the handoff from quarterback Eli Manning, Barkley took a few steps back before cutting up the right side of the field and breaking three tackles along the way. Barkley was pushed out of bounds after rushing for 39 yards against the Browns. 

Giants fans at MetLife Stadium were quick to show their enthusiasm for Barkley's big play, one of the highlights in New York's 20-10 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

Barkley had four more carries, which only resulted in four yards gained, after his impressive play.

The Giants selected Barkley with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft. Last year, as a junior at Penn State, Barkley had 1,271 rushing yards and scored 21 touchdowns.