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The Internet Could Not Stop Talking About Colin Kaepernick's New Nike Commercial

Colin Kaepernick was the star of a new Nike ad for the company's 30th anniversary of it's "Just Do It" campaign.

During Thursday's NFL season opener between the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons, a new Nike ad featuring Colin Kaepernick took the internet by storm.

In the ad, Kaepernick provides narration as various professional and amateur athletes train. Kaepernick speaks about the idea of dreaming big and then going out and accomplishing those dreams, using LeBron James, Shaquem Griffin and Serena Williams as some examples of people who have pushed themselves to achieve goals that many would have perceived as impossible.

The commercial ends with Kaepernick speaking to the camera and saying, "So don't ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if you're crazy enough."

After the commercial aired during the start of the third quarter, people began to share their opinions on it.

On Monday, Nike announced that Kaepernick would be the face of the 30th anniversary of the "Just Do It" campaign.