Watch: Scott Hanson Going Wild As Two Games Went Down to the Wire Is Why Red Zone Is Amazing

This is why we need Scott Hanson telling us what's going on every Sunday.
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If you don't already watch NFL Red Zone on your Sunday afternoons, this clip will make you rethink that decision.

Scott Hanson keeps viewers updated on all things going on across the league each week by switching from game to game to show big plays and scoring opportunities. Whenever multiple teams find themselves with a chance to score, or multiple games are going down to the final seconds, Hanson does his best to keep everyone informed on all the contests at once.

During Sunday's slate, Hanson found himself giving play-by-play on the end of Jaguars-Steelers and Redskins-Texans at the same time. Pittsburgh was down three and inside the five looking to take a lead with fewer than 30 seconds remaining, and the Redskins were down two and lining up for a game-winning field goal attempt from 63 yards.

Hanson's pure joy and excitement while trying to update what happened in these moments is exactly why you put Red Zone on. Well, this, and the whole no commercials thing.

Hanson's enthusiasm here is amazing, but his descriptions of the plays were both a bit off.

To be fair, Hanson had to flip away from the Steelers before the referees settled things after the interception in the end zone, but he was wrong about his "no flag thrown" call. Jacksonville's D.J. Hayden was called for holding and Pittsburgh kept possession. The Steelers eventually scored a go-ahead touchdown to win the game 20-16.

In Washington's contest, Hanson missed where the ball actually landed on Dustin Hopkins' missed field goal. Hanson, like many viewers at home (including myself) thought the ball hit the crossbar. It didn't hit the crossbar. It was actually not close to the crossbar. But the angle kind of made it look that way. And Hanson acknowledged his mistake.

Why wouldn't you want this guy talking at you about the NFL for seven straight hours every Sunday?