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Super Bowl Sunday isn't just a day for watching football and eating snacks. Viewers also love to sit in front of their televisions and watch flashy commercials that companies spend millions of dollars to make.

If a company wows us with an ad, it can be discussed for years—though the same can be said for the occasional cringeworthy spot. Some companies have already teased commercials or released them ahead of the big game between the Patriots and Rams on Sunday, Feb. 3.

Check out the Super Bowl ads already released. We'll continue to update this post as Super Bowl LIII approaches.

Stella Artois – Change Up The Usual

Jeff Bridges reprises his famous role as The Dude from the 1998 film The Big Lebowski, while Sarah Jessica Parker plays her character Carrie Bradshaw from HBO's Sex and the City. The two forgo their classic drink choices of a White Russian and Cosmopolitan in favor of Stella Artois.

Bumble – #InHerCourt Anthem

The app teased a Super Bowl ad featuring Serena Williams discussing why it's important for women to take the first step in life. Who could be better to lead the brand's "The Ball is in Her Court" campaign than the G.O.A.T. herself?

Pepsi – More Than OK

Pepsi created one of the most iconic Super Bowl commercials of all time when Cindy Crawford introduced the brand's new can design in 1992. They're using plenty of star power in this year's ad with Steve Carell, Cardi B and Lil Jon, who remind us why Pepsi is more than OK.

Amazon – Not Everything Makes the Cut

The brand's 2019 Super Bowl commercial portrays fictional Alexa products that didn't turn out quite as planned. Mishaps occur as stars like Harrison Ford, Forest Whitaker and Broad City's Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson test out some voice activated products that create more problems than solve them.

Planters – Mr. Peanut Is Always There in Crunch Time

Mr. Peanut drives like a nut in a peanut-shaped bus to save Alex Rodriguez from eating kale chips. As Mr. Peanut races to arrive in crunch time for A-Rod's snacking, Charlie Sheen makes a cameo saying, "You people think I'm nuts."

M&M's – Lock Game

Christina Applegate stars in M&M's teaser released ahead of the big game as a mom locked out of her car in a grocery store parking lot.

TurboTax – RoboChild

This teaser sits squarely in the uncanny valley and introduces the world to RoboChild. We don't know much about him (her?) yet except that he's looking for a kale salad with chicken and guacamole. 

SI Recommends

Doritos – #NowItsHot

Chance the Rapper and the Backstreet Boys team up to introduce Doritos' new Flamin' Hot Nacho chips. As the Backstreet Boys' 1999 hit "I Want It That Way" plays in the background, Chance has an epiphany to make it hotter and remix the classic. If this duo doesn't get you hooked on the new chips, we're not sure what will.

Budweiser – Wind Never Felt Better

Budweiser delivers a Super Bowl ad with a Dalmatian riding atop a stack of Budweiser boxes in a wagon pulled by the brand's classic Clydesdales. The cute dog enjoys the ride as Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind" plays in the background. The ad also reveals the brand brews their beer with renewable electricity from wind power.

Microsoft – We All Win

Microsoft focuses on the Xbox Adaptive Controller for gamers with disabilities but will also tug at your heartstrings. In this extended version, we learn the stories of a few young gamers and how the new controller has changed their gaming experiences.

Pizza Hut – Pizza Hut and the NFL: We Go Together Like Goff and Gurley

As the new pizza sponsor of the NFL, Pizza Hut reminds us in this teaser its the perfect pairing with football. Rams QB Jared Goff and RB Todd Gurley are spread out on a football field looking at the clouds when Gurley declares "pizza is dope!"


Bubly – Can I Have a Bublé?

Michael Bublé stars in the sparkling water's first Super Bowl campaign. In this teaser, the singer uses a permanent marker to change the brand's name on the cans to match his.

Hyundai – Shopper Assurance

Jason Bateman plays an elevator operator taking people on a ride down to several unpleasant experiences, including root canals, sitting in the middle seat of an airplane and attending a vegan dinner party. When he tells one couple that they've arrived to the car shopping floor, they say they're buying a Hyundai, which leads to going up to the "shopper assurance floor."

Expensify – "Expensify This"

Adam Scott and 2 Chainz help Expensify, an expense management platform, with their first-ever Super Bowl spot. While 2 Chainz is filming a music video, Scott, his record label's head of finance, reminds the rapper to keep paper receipts if he wants to get reimbursed. 2 Chainz responds that he has Expensify to take care of it.

Mercedes-Benz – Say the Word

The brand released an ad for its new A-class with voice activated AI technology, including cameos from Ludacris and Lassie. A man learns how easy life would be if everything else listened to him like his car.

Avocados From Mexico – Top Dog

Actress Kristin Chenoweth serves as a judge in the Human Canine Show, where dogs show off their humans. The prize is Avocados from Mexico, which one human just can't resist and ends up in the penalty cone.

Yellow Tail – Tastes Like Happy 

This teaser reminds us why Yellow Tail wine tastes like happy, much like the feeling you get when you're in the right place at the right time, get a promotion or have a bond with a lifelong friend.

Toyota Rav4 Hybrid – Toni

The car ad features Antoinette "Toni" Harris, who is the first female football player to be offered a full scholarship as a non-specialist player. The defensive back at East Los Angeles College is a game-changer, just like the SUV.


Colgate – Close Talker

Luke Wilson doesn't know the meaning of personal space in this teaser. By using Colgate's new product, Wilson can talk in people's faces and not have to worry about bad breath.

Pampers – Stinky Booty Duty

John Legend's stuck on diaper duty in this teaser. He sings "Stinky Booty" as he's changing his son, Miles's, diaper and daughter Luna grabs him a wipe. The ad teases that another dad(s) might be available for backup.

Audi – Cashew

A man reunites with his grandpa, who gifts him an electric Audi. As he slips behind the wheel, he experiences a jolt and is brought back to a surprising reality.

SimpliSafe – Fear Is Everywhere

This teaser for the home security company taps into every suburban homeowner's worst nightmares. 

Sprint – Best of Both Worlds

Who better than Bo Jackson to remind us how Sprint gives you the best of both worlds? This strange ad also includes a mermaid, keytar, birdhorse and robot. Somehow Jackson thinks it's the best robot analogy he's ever been in.

WeatherTech – Scout

WeatherTech CEO David McNeil's golden retriever, Scout, stars in this ad focusing on the brand's new pet bowl brand, PetComfort. McNeil wanted to create toxic-free pet products after losing three dogs to cancer. Nothing will warm your heart more than following Scout, who wears an employee badge, around the office.

Kia – The Great Unknowns - What If?

A young narrator with a twang reminds us how millions are spent on Super Bowl ads that feature celebrity endorsements, but he asks what if that money was set aside for "unknown" people. Along with the ad, Kia will launch The Great Unknown Scholarships to help fund education scholarships for kids that might otherwise be overlooked.

Burger King – Preppin'

The King is planning for something big. In this teaser, he sets up a chair, light and microphone like he's waiting for his big moment.

Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer – The Pitch

Mermaids Bonnie and Vivian try to sell us on their drink that comes with zero grams of sugar and has a variety of great flavors. Apparently the myth is real.

Michelob Ultra – The Pure Experience

Actress Zoe Kravitz sits outdoors surrounded by trees and mountains, reminding us to all stop and experience something pure. She whispers into a microphone and then cracks open a bottle of Michelob Ultra Pure Gold.

Devour Frozen Foods – Food Porn

In this ad a woman's boyfriend is a frozen foods addict who just can't think about anything else. Even though it's ruining their relationship, Devour frozen meals are all he wants.

Olay – Killer Skin

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar is no stranger to horror movies, and this Olay teaser nods her previous work. Gellar stands in front of a mirror putting on moisturizer on a dark and stormy night as a masked man stands outside her house. She tries to hide from him, but it turns out her moisturizer is what interests him.

Pringles – Sad Device

Everyone loves to stack their favorite Pringles flavors to make custom chip combinations, but this man's poor voice-activated device will never know the joy of eating Pringles.

Verizon – The Team That Wouldn't Be Here

Verizon's Super Bowl commercial focuses on emergency responders that helped save the lives of 11 NFL players after accidents, including Packers LB Clay Matthews and Raiders QB AJ McCarron. The ad is just a slice of a 30-minute documentary produced by Peter Berg, director of hit films like Friday Night Lights and The Losers.


Skechers – Easy

Tony Romo likes to make his life easy as he lounges around his house. From having a robot tray bring him tea to shooting balls out of a pitching machine for his dog to chase, the former quarterback's always comfortable in his Skechers slip-ons.

Amazon – Hanna

Amazon dropped a 60-second trailer for their upcoming series Hanna, which follows a teenage girl on the run from agents. The first episode will be available for Amazon Prime members to watch after the Super Bowl before the series's March debut.