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Patriots vs. Rams Becomes Lowest-Scoring Super Bowl in NFL History

Just 16 points were scored in Super Bowl LIII.

Super Bowl LIII became the lowest-scoring Super Bowl game in NFL history after the New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams with a score of just 13–3.

Before the 2019 Super Bowl, Super Bowl VII was the lowest-scoring championship game in NFL history. The Miami Dolphins defeated the Washington Redskins with a score of just 14–7.

In addition to the 1973 game, eight of the first ten Super Bowls rank among the lowest-scoring. Super Bowl IX's 22 total points is ranked as the second-lowest Super Bowl.

Three others—all between 1969 and 1975—also saw fewer than 30 points scored.

Super Bowl 50 is the most recent low-scoring Super Bowl. The Broncos defeated the Panthers 24–10 in that 2016 game.

Here are the five lowest-scoring Super Bowls of all time.

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Lowest–Scoring Super Bowls

1. Super Bowl LIII: New England Patriots 13, Los Angeles Rams 3

2. Super Bowl VII: Miami Dolphins 14, Washington Redskins 7

3. Super Bowl IX: Pittsburgh Steelers 16, Minnesota Vikings 6

4. Super Bowl III: New York Jets 16, Baltimore Colts 7

5. Super Bowl VI: Dallas Cowboys 24, Miami Dolphins 3

6. Super Bowl V: Baltimore Colts 16, Dallas Cowboys 13