Tom Brady and Beer Lovers Everywhere React to Rob Gronkowski's Retirement

From GOAT emojis to raising a glass, Gronk would be pleased with how the internet reacted to his retirement.
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The Internet was a flurry of emotions on Sunday night after Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement on Instagram. From sadness to shock to certainly Gronk-approved beer jokes, reactions ran the gamut.

For some, including his teammates Tom Brady and Julian Edelman, the sentimental route seemed appropriate for their reactions to the three-time Super Bowl champion's decision.

For others, the announcement immediately brought up several questions surrounding one of Gronk's favorite things: beer. For those unfamiliar with the tight end's affection for a good beverage, see Gronk getting hit in the head with a beer thrown at him from a fan during the Patriots' Super Bowl parade, Gronk chugging beers shirtless or just look at this collection of photos.

Naturally, beer was top of mind for many after the news broke.

Not even Buffalo Wild Wings would have enough beer to celebrate sufficiently.

Crack open a cold one, Gronk, and soak it all in—from the sentimental to the silly, they all seem appropriate.