Watch out!

By Dan Gartland
February 07, 2019

Rob Gronkowski likes beer. He especially likes drinking beer while riding on top of a duck boat after having won a Super Bowl. Patriots fans know this, and so they are kind enough to toss him all the beers he could possibly want as he rides by in Boston’s semi-annual Super Bowl parade. 

But one fan’s beer toss during Tuesday’s parade went horribly wrong. Gronk told Jimmy Fallon that he was hit in the head by a full can of beer. 

“There were like five beers coming at one time,” Gronkowski said. “Everybody on the duck boat is juking them. We were getting good practice in for next season. I moved back a little, I was just chilling, and then next thing you know—pop! You see that? Full beer can right to the face. 

The errant brew left Gronk with a decent-sized cut on the side of his head, and he said he bleeding for the rest of the parade. 


As Gronk well knows, communication between the thrower and the receiver is key. That extends to fans throwing beers. 

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