Draft Day is celebrating its five-year anniversary, and we at The MMQB couldn’t resist in joining in on the celebration.

Staff writers Conor Orr and Jonathan Jones spent the day before the real life NFL draft watching the 2014 Kevin Costner flick in the office. For Orr, it was his fourth time seeing the film that grossed $29.5 million at the box office. For Jones, his first.

On a binary scale of whether the movie is good or bad, the two decided it is, objectively, a bad movie. But it’s a great bad movie. They enjoyed this movie the way it was always intended to be enjoyed: by cracking open a few beers and watching it in a conference room while their coworkers did actual work. And along the way, they taped a podcast.


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Orr steers the ship here since he’s seen the movie while Jones attempts to hold in laughter and the ridiculousness of it. They tried not to bog listeners down with “hey that would never happen” football-ese but sometimes it’s necessary.

Let us know what you think and maybe we’ll make a series of these podcasts. (So make sure you're subscribed, because our normal football podcasts are still coming.) Enjoy.

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