Somebody should quickly check on Jon Gruden to make sure aliens haven't taken over his body.


Somebody in the Oakland area needs to find Raiders coach Jon Gruden and make sure he is indeed still in the right mental state and not an alien clone sent here to ruin what is likely the Raiders' last season in Oakland.

On Monday, Gruden gave a quote about quarterback Nathan Peterman that will make you question whether or not Nathan Peterman took a hit out on the real Jon Gruden and had him replaced with a clone. Or alien.

"This Nate Peterman is growing on me," Gruden told reporters at Raiders camp on Tuesday. 

Yeah, the same Peterman who threw five interceptions in one half in his first career start.

The same Peterman who threw at least two interceptions in the three games last season he attempted more than two passes.

The very same Nathan Peterman.

It's certainly possible Peterman has improved and can show some skills that would grow on a coach. It's also possible that he is growing like a cancer or a fungus and Gruden is just accepting the fact that he is infected with something that can't be stopped.

Barring an injury to Dereck Carr, Peterman will be safely quarantined on the bench. But if he is forced to take the field (if he even beats out Mike Glennon for the backup job), this quote will come back to haunt Gruden.

Unless Peterman was actually abducted by aliens and Gruden was watching his clone at training camp.