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Fans Were Not Ready to See Antonio Brown's Frostbitten Feet on 'Hard Knocks'

Antonio Brown revealed his frostbitten feet on 'Hard Knocks.'

The saga of Antonio Brown's unusual departure from Raiders training camp was a topic of discussion on Tuesday night's episode of HBO's Hard Knocks, and fans were not ready for what they witnessed.

Brown left camp on July 30 after experiencing "extreme frostbite" on the bottom of his feet caused by a cryotherapy machine. The wide receiver was not wearing appropriate footwear when he entered a cryotherapy chamber previously in France which burned his feet and left them frostbitten.

While talking to the Hard Knocks camera crew, Brown asked them if they were certain they wanted to see the bottom of his feet. He took his socks off to reveal layers of skin peeling off the bottom of what he called his "circumcised" feet.

"Hopefully my feet are born again and I can run faster," he said.

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Beware: the pictures are not for the faint of heart.

Fans were definitely not ready for the close-up view of Brown's feet.

Brown described how he felt "a hot sensation" on the bottom of his feet when he got out of the cryotherapy machine. His feet started to swell, and he called a doctor to come drain them. 

While Brown was away from camp, he also filed a helmet grievance with the NFL, which he lost. Gruden said in Tuesday's episode that he "wished [Brown] was here," in reference to his absence.

On Tuesday, Brown returned to camp after missing nearly two weeks. Although he's back, we can never forget the image of his gross feet.