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Jim Cramer Blasted By Fantasy Football Expert For Drafting Carson Wentz Too Early

Mr. Mad Money got a little carried away with his hometown QB, and he got an earful for it.

Jim Cramer is an absolute legend on Wall Street. There is a reason Mr. Mad Money is one of the go-to advisors when it comes to buying stocks on the market. While there is absolutely a strong correlation between the stock market and fantasy football, Cramer is the first to admit that he is not as well versed in the fantasy football world as he is in stocks. So when the 'Mad Money' host selected QB Carson Wentz in the seventh round of his fantasy football draft, fantasy expert Bill Enright jumped down his throat! The authority on Wall Street is being put in his place in this clip:

Enright is a professional fantasy football analyst and has produced top-10 rankings on FantasyPros for the past three straight years. As an expert in the industry, Enright attempted to help Cramer not draft with his heart, remain patient, and wait on quarterback. Unfortunately, Cramer's patience buckled when he selected his hometown quarterback.

Everyone in the high-stakes fantasy football world knows that there is a plethora of talented quarterbacks, particularly heading into the 2019 NFL season. In case you think high-stakes leagues are similar to home leagues but with a bit more cash on the line, you are dead wrong! There are contests where people from all around the world travel to Vegas and put thousands of dollars on the line. Waiting as long as possible to draft your quarterback is a well-known strategy among high-stakes players. If you aren't getting Patrick Mahomes, you probably are not differentiating your squad too much by taking a quarterback in the early rounds. How much better will Aaron Rodgers be than Jared Goff? A couple points per game at one position isn't likely going to make or break your roster. 

Cramer is in a 12-team league with fellow members of TheStreet, so his league isn't all too much different than a Fantasy Football World Championship draft. The one difference is that Cramer's league employs one starting flex spot rather than the FFWC's two. When looking at Average Draft Position (ADP), Wentz is listed as the 74th player. So did Cramer really make that much of a boneheaded pick? At first glance, the obvious answer is no. However, that list’s source is home leagues and small-stakes leagues across the industry. FullTime Fantasy's Advanced ADP shows that the high-stakes players are taking Wentz with the 127th overall pick. That means that the Philadelphia Eagles’ signal caller is currently being selected in the middle of the 11th round. The earliest he has been drafted over the last 10 high-stakes drafts at FullTime Fantasy is 122nd overall, still in the 11th round. 

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Cramer broke two cardinal rules when he took Wentz as the fifth quarterback off the board. He drafted with his heart by taking a player on his favorite team and he did not stay patient and wait on the quarterback position. Clearly, Cramer’s selection of Wentz was a homer pick. The video below shows just how much the Eagles’ Super Bowl LII victory meant to Mr. Mad Money. 

Don’t expect tears of joy this time around. Instead of taking Wentz, Cramer could have solidified his receiving corps by getting a guy like Corey Davis, Sterling Shepard, Larry Fitzgerald or Marvin Jones (all of whom are going in the seventh round according to Advanced ADP). Instead, Mr. Mad Money will have to begin the season with a less than stellar wide receiver corps, in large part due to his selection of Wentz. 

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