Roger Goodell's Approval Rating Has Gone Up: Unchecked

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Roger Goodell’s Q-Rating has gone up during quarantine.

The Commissioner of the National Football League has had a good few weeks as I don’t think anyone is upset anymore that the NFL went through with the draft, which all things considered went rather seamlessly. And with the focus of so many eyeballs solely on the commish, it allowed for Goodell to display his basement, wardrobe, mood, and for the first time maybe ever, show a little personality. Sit up Roger, you're on television!

Even if it could be said Goodell's vibe might be described as just a bit bumbling. However, overall he came across way more endearing than he ever has before. And please, someone get the man more M & M’s.

And now it has been revealed he volunteered to forgo his salary during the current crisis. Which hopefully will go toward helping NFL employees rather than team owners. I won’t be over the top calling this nobility, as it must be nice to be able to afford to do so, still saying no to paychecks that can total up to $40 million annually isn’t nothing. 

For as massively popular as the NFL is, Goodell hasn’t been. I also wouldn’t call the league’s overall reputation great. This doesn’t make any legitimate issues simply go away but it is worth recognizing that Goodell has done perhaps his best work of late. And emerged as way more likable because of it. He’s earned that money he won’t get paid. Cue the boos.