Colin Kaepernick Is Owed an Apology by Every NFL Owner, Says Recording Artist The-Dream

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The NFL has been in the news a lot of late after Roger Goodell and the league admitted they were wrong in how they previously handled NFL protests and subsequently pledged $250 million to combat systemic racism.

However, many feel such actions ring hollow without an apology to Colin Kaepernick

I spoke with star recording artist The-Dream—who told me he deliberately did not attend the Super Bowl where Beyonce performed one of the biggest songs he wrote "Single Ladies"—to get his thoughts on the situation. And he believes it is obvious that Kap deserves an apology.

"Of course he's owed an apology, I feel by every owner in the NFL, you know, at this particular time. I can't speak on how they feel about how he works and whether he's gonna get a job because of this. For a man personally what he stood for, what he was trying to stand for and by losing his job basically behind it. You know, they owe him an apology. And I know that's how I feel. And I know a lot of people in my camp feel the same way."


When The-Dream speaks of his camp, he also referenced Jay-Z, as the two are friends and frequent collaborators. And he is clearly not happy with how some pitted Jay-Z against Colin Kaepernick on social media after the former began working with the NFL.

"It's totally wrong. And just unthoughtful, unimaginable at a certain point. Which is why if my grandfather was living, he probably wouldn't understand the idea of social media in that format, because you can't take as many things seriously when you're dealing with people through the Internet and through these social platforms. I know exactly what Jay-Z is doing and I know what he's working on. And I as a man, like whether we work together or not, that's a good friend of mine. I wouldn't show up beside anybody I felt like that was going against themselves, you know, as a black man coming up in this world, because I know he knows, he knows the same way that Colin Kaepernick knows. And they may just have two different ways to go about it. And I think you can see the universe kind of trying to pit, you know, pit them against each other. And it's kind of despicable."


The-Dream was also adamant that this is a moment to push for change expeditiously and for people like Roger Goodell to take action and not just throw money at the problem.

The-Dream's latest project SXTP4 is available now on all platforms and features the hit single "Wee Hours" with Jhené Aiko.