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Sean Payton Delivers on Slime Bath Promise After Saints' Blowout Win Over Bears

Saints head coach Sean Payton received a victory bath after Sunday's win over the Bears, but the bath didn't come with the traditional Gatorade poured over Payton's head.

Payton said earlier this week if the Saints won, he would be O.K. getting slimed. He came through on his promise and was doused with a bucket of green slime after the win, concluding a day of Nickelodeon-based antics for the NFC wild-card battle. Perhaps Payton and the Saints will keep the tradition going if they advance to the NFC championship next week.

Payton's sliming was far from the only Nickelodeon addition to the wild-card matchup. Sunday's broadcast also featured slime cannons for every touchdown scored, as well as trivia on a number of players.

Payton and the Saints will face the Buccaneers on Sunday as they eye a berth in the NFC championship. No word has been given on Payton's preferred substance for a potential postgame celebration. 

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