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Chiefs Fan Proposes to Girlfriend After Announcing Trey Smith Draft Pick

With the 226th pick, she said yes. 

After announcing Kansas City's draft pick of Trey Smith, a Tennessee offensive lineman, a fan decided to use his time on stage to his advantage and proposed to his girlfriend while quoting the movie Deadpool.

"In the words of our favorite superhero Wade Wilson: 'You're the jigsaw piece whose curvy edges complete my life, will you marry me?,'" he asked. 

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The fan proposed with a rink pop—also emulating the movie Deadpool when the main character proposes to his girlfriend with the lollipop that's shaped like a ringand the two shared a kiss on stage in Cleveland after she said yes. 

Ryan Reynolds, the actor who plays Wilson in Deadpool, extended his congratulations and gave a shout out to Ant-Man star and Chiefs super fan Paul Rudd. 

"I thought everyone in KC was an Ant-Man fan," Reynolds Tweeted. "Congrats to the happy couple!"

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