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NFL Social Media Teams Stole the Show With 2021 Schedule Release Videos

Gronk Libs, Las Vegas landmarks and Florida Man—oh my! 

The NFL can turn anything into a spectacle, and social media teams across the league rose to the occasion Wednesday night with show-stopping schedule release videos that threatened to break Twitter and bring some laughs as fans scrambled to see when they may want to return to stadiums this fall. 

The Broncos decided to lean into a popular social media topic—giving social media interns a raise. Only the summer intern this time is legend Peyton Manning. The former quarterback proved to be a versatile intern, doing everything from delivering mail and cleaning footballs to sharing the 'confidential' team schedule. 

The Chargers decided to make a PowerPoint (yes, you read that right) while the Giants created a video game. New Orleans released a movie trailer, and the Texans brought in a fried rice artist

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The Seahawks gave a peek at their brainstorming session, and the 49ers brought in P-Lo.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys' schedule release video featured Post Malone, and the Titans went road tripping. The Browns decided to deviate from the crowd and did not release a schedule video. 

Here's how the rest of the NFL rang in schedule release day across Twitter. Warning: some may make you double over in laughter while others may leave you cringing a little. 

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