Richard Sherman 'Remorseful' After Recent Arrest: 'I Vow to Get the Help I Need'

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Free-agent cornerback Richard Sherman released a statement Friday saying he was "deeply remorseful" for the actions which led to his arrest earlier this week.

Sherman was booked early Wednesday morning for burglary domestic violence and was also being investigated after police said he crashed his car in a construction zone along a busy highway east of Seattle.

He was released without bail but with conditions on Thursday. He is currently facing five misdemeanor charges stemming from his arrest. 

"I am deeply remorseful for my actions on Tuesday night," Sherman wrote. "I behaved in a manner I am not proud of. I have been dealing with some personal challenges over the last several months, but that is not an excuse for how I acted.

"The importance of mental and emotional health is extremely real and I vow to get the help I need. I appreciate all of the people who have reached out in support of me and my family, including our community here in Seattle. I am grateful to have such an amazing wife, family and support system to lean on during this time."

The charges include two domestic violence counts — criminal trespass in the second degree and malicious mischief in the third degree — along with resisting arrest, driving while under the influence and reckless endangerment of roadway workers.

In the audio of the 911 call pertaining to Sherman's arrest, which was released by the Redmond Police Department, the caller, purportedly Sherman's wife Ashley Moss, describes Sherman as being "drunk and belligerent" and said he was "threatening to kill himself."

The caller, who at one point identifies herself as "Ashley Sherman," also said the cornerback was "being aggressive," wrestled with her uncle and "sent text messages to people saying he's going to hang himself."

Earlier this week police chief Darrell Lowe said Sherman tried to force his way into his in-laws' house. His father-in-law, Raymond Moss, told officers that he armed himself with a handgun and fired pepper spray as Sherman tried to bust in the door with his shoulder.

According to police reports released Thursday, Sherman showed "severe mood swings and slurred speech, had bloodshot, watery eyes, and had the odor of intoxicants emitting from his person" during contact with authorities. After he allegedly resisted arrest, his mood seemed to lighten once he was in custody, per police reports.

As part of his release, Sherman can't possess firearms, can't use drugs or alcohol, must return to court when requested and has a no-contact order with his father-in-law.

Prosecutors in King County and the sheriff previously obtained an “extreme risk protection order” for Sherman in February, which banned him from possessing firearms after they determined he posed a danger to himself and others. 

He played for the 49ers last season and remains unsigned. 

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