LeBron James Predicts Cowboys Touchdown With Manning Brothers on 'MNF'


Much has been made about Lakers star LeBron James's prowess as a high school football standout, to the point that James has relayed the story about getting NFL contract offers by Jerry Jones and Pete Carroll during the 2011 NBA lockout multiple times. Making an appearance on ESPN's Manning Cast during Monday night's game between the Cowboys and Eagles, though, James took a stab at the next step in his hypothetical football career: announcer.

With Dallas knocking on the door inside Philadelphia's 5-yard line, Peyton Manning asked James what play he thought the Cowboys should call. James correctly predicted a run up the middle moments before Dallas did exactly that on an Ezekiel Elliott touchdown run.

"LeBron is much better at predicting plays than you, Peyton," Eli said after the play.

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Earlier on in his guest appearance, James relayed the story about being offered a contract by Jones and Carroll, with ESPN putting a mock-up photo of James in a Cowboys uniform during the broadcast. Who knows how quickly James would have been able to adapt to life in the NFL, but he certainly looks the part in a jersey.

"It definitely got my blood flowing again, got my mind racing thinking about the game of football and being out there on Sundays," James said. "But we were able to get a deal done in the NBA and I was back on the court in no time, but I definitely thought about it."

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