Seahawks' Live Mascot Lands on, Claws Fan's Head: 'Get That Guy Season Tickets'

It's all fun and games until someone gets...clawed? 

That's right, having Taima the Hawk, Seattle's live mascot, land on your head mid-game is an occupational hazard of being a Seahawks fan one poor individual learned during Thursday Night Football.  

As the FOX/NFL Network broadcast was cutting to commercial with the Seahawks and Rams at 0-0, Taima landed on top of a fan's head. But while it seemed harmless at first, it then started to climb him and clawed at his head. 

Seattle fans around them showed a mixed array of emotions—one woman shocked, another filming and a man just watching the game and ignoring the scene in front of him. 

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"Get that guy season tickets," Joe Buck said. 

"Give him a helmet," Troy Aikman added. 

If it is any consolation, the individual Taima landed on was a Seahawks fan, and might just forgive the hawk as Seattle leads Los Angeles, 7-3, at halftime. 

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