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Cooper Kupp Gives Incredibly Detailed Answer About Touchdown Reception

Players in every sport are constantly being asked to analyze a play they made or reflect on some sort of strategy, and 99 times out of 100, their answers are big on generalities and low on entertainment.

Enter Rams star wideout Cooper Kupp.

Kupp hauled in eight catches for 129 yards during a 37-7 win over the Jaguars, scoring a touchdown on the team's opening drive of the second half. After the game, he was asked what he saw from the defense on his 29-yard touchdown catch, and his response left no detail unnoticed.

Did you get all that?

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To put that in simplified layman's terms, Kupp noticed the nickel cornerback covering him was showing blitz and that the safety was coming down to replace his spot in man coverage, leaving empty space downfield for the three Rams receivers running deep routes to exploit if they could beat their men—and Kupp did just that.

Kupp is enjoying a career year for the Rams, leading the NFL in receptions (100), receiving yards (1,366) and receiving touchdowns (11). He's one of the most well-rounded wideouts in the game, and he clearly owes a lot of his success to his ability to dissect opposing defenses in a split-second.

While fans surely appreciate Kupp's analysis, opposing defenses would be wise to take note: if you're going to gamble against the best pass-catcher in the league, maybe try to be a little more subtle about it.

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