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The Cowboys Have No One to Blame but Themselves: Unchecked

Dak Prescott wouldn’t have had to complain about the referees if he had done his job as well as they did. 

I’m one of the few people who saw at least some logic in the controversial quarterback draw the Cowboys called; however, if you are going to do that you have to know what you are doing. And because Dak didn’t hand the ball to the official for the spot, it’s his fault they didn’t get another play off and ended Dallas's playoffs. 

I’m willing to forgive his comments about fans throwing things at the officials afterwards as a bad lapse in judgment and I’ve always defended Dak as a good QB, but he needs to own the loss. The Cowboys earned that L well before the final play, by the way, especially given their 14 penalties that cost them nearly 100 yards. Those flags fall right at the feet of Mike McCarthy as Dallas was the most penalized team all season, and that lack of discipline will not lead to postseason wins.

Now Jerry Jones, who built a glitzy stadium that can’t keep out the sun and doesn’t have enough space for a punt, and Cowboy nation have to deal with yet another disappointing ending. Jimmy Garrappolo, who the 49ers are likely planning to move on from, has more postseason wins than the entire Cowboys franchise this century. 

Crying fans will be the enduring image of a season that started with Super Bowl aspirations.

 So yeah, the Dallas Cowboys got embarrassed…down to the last second.