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Cowboys Coach Mike McCarthy Explains Final Play Call vs. 49ers

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy was subjected to fierce criticism Sunday after his team lost 23–17 in dramatic fashion. With just 13 seconds left in the game and down six points at the 40-yard line, Dallas ran a designed quarterback run. 

Dak Prescott picked up the first down, but they didn't have time to spike the ball and the game ended. 

After the loss, McCarthy said that the play is practiced each week and he was surprised that the Cowboys didn't get another play off afterwards, per ESPN's Ed Werder. McCarthy also said he was told the play was going to be replayed in New York and they would likely get time put on the clock. But it never happened. There was also controversy around the referee's role in the situation. 

After he was down, Prescott handed the ball to his center to try and get the snap off, but an official barreled his way to the line of scrimmage so he could spot the ball properly. In doing so, he also bumped into Prescott. 

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Referee Alex Kemp explained that the official spotted the ball properly and there were no mistakes from the officiating crew. He also said the officials discussed the play on the field. The in-house replay team and New York did not chime in. 

Along with the criticism came skepticism over McCarthy's job security, but he did not sound worried. 

“I don't have any concerns,” McCarthy said on his future in Dallas. “I'm proud to be standing here today. I'm proud of this football team.” 

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