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Andy Reid Recalls How Chiefs Became Sold on Patrick Mahomes Before 2017 Draft

Ever since the Chiefs drafted Patrick Mahomes in 2017, the trajectory of the organization skyrocketed, and Andy Reid gives the credit to current general manager Brett Veach.

During this week's NFL combine, Reid mentioned that Veach, before being promoted to general manager, discovered Mahomes as a freshman at Texas Tech and raved about his potential to Reid and then-general manager John Dorsey.

“Brett was pushing us with this guy forever, he was wearing John and I out with this quarterback, from the time the kid was a freshman on up through,” Reid said. “So we had had tape, he’d lay tape on our desk, and we’d go through it and look at it and go, ‘Yeah, he’s good but he’s got another year or two left before he’s gonna be eligible to come out.’”

Reid also recalls the first time he saw Mahomes live, when Veach continued his persistence in getting Reid to watch the young quarterback.

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“He was down on the field before one of the games scouting him at Texas Tech and he goes, ‘You’re not going to believe this quarterback. This guy is unbelievable, like the best I’ve ever seen,’” Reid said. “So you know, when somebody tells you that, that has the experience Brett has, you better look at him.“

When Mahomes finally entered the draft, the Chiefs would trade two first round picks and a third round pick to jump 17 spots and take Mahomes with pick No. 10. 

Mahomes would go on to win an MVP and bring the Chiefs a Super Bowl championship within his first three years in the league.

Things seem to be going pretty well.

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