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NFL Makes Changes to Timeline for Teams Interviewing Coach Candidates

The NFL issued a resolution to make changes to the league’s hiring process with goal of helping candidates properly prepare for the interviews associated with the coaching positions.

The resolution calls for changing the window of availability for prospective head coaches. Moving forward, NFL teams will not be eligible to interview a candidate for a head coach position who works for another team in the league until three days following the end of the regular season. The change also applies to the teams that fail to make the playoffs or earn a first-round bye. Coaches who are leading teams in wild-card games will be required to wait three days after their first-round matchups.

Secondly, candidates for coaching positions who are working for another team will not be allowed to conduct in-person interviews until after all of the wild-card games have been completed. However, internal candidates and non-affiliated NFL employees will have the opportunity to interview in person before the wild-card game are finished. 

The league’s new policy will be effective through May 31, 2024. 

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