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2023 NFL Mock Draft 9.0: 31 Trades for 31 First-Round Picks

Trades are the best part of any NFL draft night, so let’s go ahead and project trades for every single first-round pick.

Everybody enjoys a good NFL mock draft. The one problem? They’re predictable. The groupthink is inevitable because we’re all looking at the same players and the same teams with the same perceived roster weaknesses.

So in this mock, we’re anything but predictable. In fact, we’ve replaced order with chaos. Here, all 31 first-round picks have been traded, using only 2023 draft choices in return compensation.

Below, you’ll see the point values for each first-round pick in a highly regarded chart created by Hall of Fame coach Jimmy Johnson when he ran the Cowboys during their dynasty of the 1990s. In the trades, all point values are in parentheses, and the trades come close to equal in points.

Additionally, each trade has a reasoning behind it based on team need and the remaining board, which is explained after each trade-up. Enjoy the madness.

Actual 2023 NFL draft order and point values

1. Carolina Panthers (3,000)
2. Houston Texans (2,600)
3. Arizona Cardinals (2,200)
4. Indianapolis Colts (1,800)
5. Seattle Seahawks (1,700)
6. Detroit Lions (1,600)
7. Las Vegas Raiders (1,500)
8. Atlanta Falcons (1,400)
9. Chicago Bears (1,350)
10. Philadelphia Eagles (1,300)
11. Tennessee Titans (1,250)
12. Houston Texans (1,200)
13. New York Jets (1,150)
14. New England Patriots (1,100)
15. Green Bay Packers (1,050)
16. Washington Commanders (1,000)
17. Pittsburgh Steelers (950)
18. Detroit Lions (900)
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (875)
20. Seattle Seahawks (850)
21. Los Angeles Chargers (800)
22. Baltimore Ravens (780)
23. Minnesota Vikings (760)
24. Jacksonville Jaguars (740)
25. New York Giants (720)
26. Dallas Cowboys (700)
27. Buffalo Bills (680)
28. Cincinnati Bengals (660)
29. New Orleans Saints (640)
30. Philadelphia Eagles (620)
31. Kansas City Chiefs (600)

Alabama QB Bryce Young was selected as the top pick in the 2023 NFL draft by the Panthers.

Young is the favorite to be the No. 1 pick—probably even if Carolina trades it.

So there you have it: 31 trades for 31 picks. When this mock draft began, four teams had two first-round picks (the Eagles, Lions, Seahawks and Texans) and five teams had none (the 49ers, Browns, Dolphins, Rams and Saints).

All told, we saw five quarterbacks go off the board across the first 25 picks, while four receivers and five corners, five edge rushers and five offensive linemen became first-round picks as well.

After I was done with my trade machine handiwork, the Steelers ended up making multiple picks, while the list of teams going without a Round 1 pick remained the same.

Ultimately, the biggest move up the draft board was made by the defending-champion Chiefs, vaulting eight spots for receiver Quentin Johnston. The Jaguars and Bengals also made big moves, rising seven slots for corner Devon Witherspoon and running back Bijan Robinson, respectively.