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Steelers’ T.J. Watt Punched a Ravens WR So Hard in the Face to Break Up a Pass

The Pittsburgh Steelers' defense put on an epic performance Sunday to carry the team to a much-needed comeback win over the Ravens. One rather innocuous play in the grand scheme of the game by Steelers star T.J. Watt has fans cracking up on social media.

Watt was attempting to break up a pass from Lamar Jackson to rookie Zay Flowers, but inadvertently ended up punching the Ravens wide receiver in the face. The pass was on target, but Flowers dropped the ball. He tried his best to regain control of it but that’s when Flowers took a punch to the helmet from Watt, who was attempting to punch the ball out.

Here’s the hilarious video:


There was clearly no intent from Watt to hit Flowers, and both players were fine after the incident. But that didn’t stop the internet from making some jokes, especially after the Steelers’ comeback victory.