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Brock Purdy Had Such a Heartwarming Postgame Meeting With Jaguars WR Christian Kirk

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy had a true “idols becoming rivals” moment during his matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars last Sunday.

On the opposing sideline to Purdy was Christian Kirk, the Jaguars wide receiver who like Purdy is an Arizona native. Kirk is three years older than Purdy, and Purdy shared with him after the game a story about attending a state championship football game that Kirk starred in while Purdy’s own football career was just starting to take off.

“I went to your junior, or maybe senior year state championship game. You went crazy, bro,” Purdy said.

It was clearly a special moment for him to share the field with someone he grew up watching, and Kirk has taken notice of the fellow Arizonan’s success.

“I’ve been watching you, man,” Kirk said to Purdy. “It’s been fun to follow you.”

It was a cool moment to see the respect between two NFL players, especially ones that come from similar backgrounds. And Purdy’s rapid ascent to stardom has created plenty of pinch-me moments like that one.