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Jets’ Aaron Rodgers Pinpoints Dak Prescott as ‘One of My Favorite’ QBs

Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers has had plenty more time to watch the NFL this season while he’s recovering from the Achilles injury he sustained during his franchise debut in Week 1. 

Having watched more games this year than in years past, one quarterback has jumped out and impressed the 39-year-old—Cowboys star Dak Prescott

Rodgers told the Pat McAfee Show during his weekly Tuesday appearance that Prescott has emerged as one of his favorite quarterbacks.

“First, I want to talk about Dak. Because he’s become one of my favorite quarterbacks to watch,” said Rodgers. “I just love that he’s really playing the position... The last four, five weeks I’ve gotten to see more of their games, and I just want to say, he’s playing the position in a really impressive way.”

Rodgers also defended Prescott amid the frequent criticism he takes as the Cowboys' starting quarterback.

“He might take a little more sh-- than he deserves, or maybe is deserving of the position, but I love the way he’s playing. The way he’s really playing. I’m not talking about making good throws. I’m talking, it seems more rare that players are actually playing the position... I just want to shout out Dak for really impressing me multiple, multiple times,” he said.

This season, Prescott has led the Cowboys to an 8-3 record. He’s thrown 23 touchdowns and just six interceptions in 11 games, a stark improvement from the ‘22 season during which he led the NFL with 15 interceptions despite playing in just 12 games.

Clearly, he’s generated a fan in Rodgers, who has been impressed with Prescott’s handling of the offense in Dallas, and the strides he’s made in furthering his grasp of the quarterback position.