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Former NFL QB Roasted After Suggesting Eagles Bench Jalen Hurts

NFL Network analyst David Carr was absolutely roasted for suggesting that the Eagles should consider benching Jalen Hurts in favor of backup Marcus Mariota.

Despite owning the NFL's best record (10-2), Carr argued that Philadelphia should replace their franchise signal-caller.

“You have to have a serious conversation if you are Philly, and you have to really say is it better for us to play Marcus Mariota right now and let Jalen get fully healthy,” said Carr.

The former NFL quarterback later doubled-down on his suggestion to bench the star 25 year-old talent, who is among the favorites to win this season's NFL MVP award.

"If Philly wants to win it all, get Jalen healthy. If not, play your injured qb and watch the SB at home. Really easy," posted Carr.

The idea of benching Hurts, who boasts a stellar 36-20-1 record in the NFL, immediately drew the ire of NFL fans on social media.