Jim Harbaugh Lives in an Recreational Vehicle Down by the Ocean

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JIm Harbaugh really likes The Rockford Files. So much so that he is currently living in an RV on a California beach just like Jim Rockford did in the 1970's television series. If only Jim Rockford had considered a career change before he was falsely imprisoned at San Quentin.

Harbaugh recently took a Los Angeles Chargers camera crew on a tour of his Quantum. which has been parked in Huntington Beach for the last two months. Between the location and the lack of distractions, Harbaugh appears to be loving life, watching The Rockford Files (and Joe Dirt?) every night before his early bedtime.

New Chargers offensive coordinator Greg Roman also lives in the same RV park, but in a much bigger 2019 Newmar VENTANA. Here's Roman's very diplomatic description of Harbaugh's rig: “I’ve been in here. Very cozy. I mean, you can drive this down the road and park it pretty much anywhere. So there’s a lot of advantages to having one this size."

It must have taken some serious willpower not to call it "cute." Of course, camper life isn't all glamour, even in a VENTANA, no matter how many American flags are flying proudly. Because wherever you're parked, someone has to take care of business. Here's Harbuagh on what sounds like a surprisingly proud moment in his life:

"Nothing will make you feel more like a dad than when you dispose of the waste. That was a moment. Seminal moment for me. Felt like a real dad."

Unfortunately for everyone, Harbaugh's family has now arrived in California, so he has to move back into a house that doesn't have wheels. We'll see how long that lasts before Jim Rockford and the cool ocean breeze comes calling for Harbaugh.

You can watch the full tour of Harbaugh and Roman's RV's on YouTube.

Stephen Douglas


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