Bill Belichick Ripped One Part of Drake Maye’s Game Before Start of NFL Draft

Bill belichick is breaking down the 2024 NFL Draft on the Pat McAfee Show.
Bill belichick is breaking down the 2024 NFL Draft on the Pat McAfee Show. /
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In addition to his winning ways, former New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick built his aura on an exacting reputation. Maybe leaving the Patriots, some thought after his Jan. 11 exit, would soften him.

On Thursday, anyone who thought a move into television would sand down Belichick's edge was proven incorrect.

Shortly before the NFL draft began, the ex-coach took apart North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye's footwork on The Pat McAfee Show.

"Drake Maye—his footwork needs a lot of work," Belichick said while a clip of Maye scrambling during the Tar Heels' 31-20 loss to Clemson on Nov. 18 played. "You can see here, he's just all over the place. Never resets his feet."

The comments raised eyebrows due to the fact that Maye could realistically end up in New England with the No. 3 pick.

"He never really gets into position to throw," Belichick said while eying the clip skeptically. "He gets strip-sacked."

Should Maye wind up in Massachusetts, he already has one doubter to prove wrong.

Patrick Andres


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