Aaron Rodgers Skipping Mandatory Minicamp Leads to Vintage NYC Tabloid Back Pages

The Jets created a controversy and now everyone wants to know the whereabouts of Aaron Rodgers.
Saleh said Tuesday that Rodgers’s absence is unexcused, even though Rodgers told the team he’d be missing minicamp.
Saleh said Tuesday that Rodgers’s absence is unexcused, even though Rodgers told the team he’d be missing minicamp. / Tom Horak-USA TODAY Sports
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1. There’s rarely a dull moment with Aaron Rodgers these days. And now that he’s in New York, all of those controversial moments get memorialized with tabloid back pages.

With the Jets engulfed in one their typical LOLJets moments because of Rodgers skipping mandatory training camp, the New York Post and New York Daily News came through with high-quality back pages.

While the focus is on Rodgers for skipping camp, I think it’s the Jets who look bad here, not the quarterback. Coach Robert Saleh said Tuesday that Rodgers’s absence is unexcused, even though Rodgers told the team he’d be missing minicamp.

This led to a day of speculation about what exactly Rodgers is doing that would be more important than camp. If the Jets knew he was going to miss it, why tell the media it was unexcused and Rodgers is subject to fine? Why not just say, “We knew Aaron wouldn’t be here and he cleared it with us”?

Instead, the city of New York and the internet has done nothing but speculate about quarterback's whereabouts.

Saleh made things even worse on Tuesday by saying, “Aaron and I are on the exact same page. There's no issue between Aaron or his teammates, for that matter. We addressed it yesterday. It's more of an issue for everyone outside the building than it is inside."

Hold on. Saleh is the one who told the media Rodgers’s absence was unexcused. Now he’s trying to say this is an issue for people outside the building. Saleh lit the match, but now wants to blame others for wanting to know how the fire started.

And as much as Saleh wants to say this is no big deal, it’s going to get another cycle of coverage once Rodgers reveals where he was for the three days of minicamp (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) that he missed. Outside of a family-type event/situation, whatever the reason will become major fodder.

Only the Jets.

2. TNT turned one of the Knicks-Pacers playoff games into the Reggie Miller Show and now Reggie Miller is speaking out against being the star of the Reggie Miller Show.

3. Pirates phenom pitcher Paul Skenes tossed 6.1 shutout innings against the Cardinals on Tuesday night while allowing five hits, walking no one and striking out eight. When Pittsburgh manager Derek Shelton pulled Skenes from the game, the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

Why is this notable?

Because the game was in St. Louis.

I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. Actually, I’m not sorry. This is just ridiculous.

4. We’ve seen fans run on to the field and get chased down by security for years. But what happened at Tuesday’s Reds game was another level. The fan gave us a backflip before security tased him.

5. You may have seen over the weekend that British MLB broadcaster Darren Fletcher had an absolutely electric call of the final out in Sunday’s Mets-Phillies game.

My SI colleague, Kyle Koster, caught up with Fletcher about his viral moment.

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7. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: The second that I saw the news Tuesday that Rory McIlroy was calling off his divorce, I had one thought and one thought only: Eddie Murphy’s famous bit about “half” in Raw. I can’t post the entire bit because it might be a little much for SI, so you should YouTube it, but this portion of the bit is still as funny as it gets.

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