NFL Combine Day 3: Winners & Losers from Weigh-ins, Measurements | DL, LB, Edge

Erick Trickel

The NFL Scouting Combine is underway and with each position group's measurements finally being known, I am highlighting the biggest winners as losers. 

We've hit on the offensive side of the ball. Now, it's time to focus on defensive line and linebackers. 

Defensive Line

Winner: Derrick Brown, Auburn

Brown is the best prospect at this position, and he answered a big question about his length. With 34-2/8-inch arms and a wingspan of 80-7/8 inches.

Loser: Khalil Davis, Nebraska

Length matters on the defensive line and 32-inch arms are typically the minimum thresholds. Davis checked in just under with 31.5-inch arms.

Winner: Darrion Daniels, Nebraska

Daniels is flying a bit under the radar but the length he put on display is going to get some attention. The 33-3/4-inch arms and a wingspan of 81-3/4 inches are what teams are looking for.

Loser: James Lynch, Baylor

Lynch checked in under the threshold with 31-7/8-inch arms and only a 76-7/8-inch wingspan.

Winner: Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina

Kinlaw is one of the better prospects in the class, and he checked out medically with his knee. On top of that, he has a good weight of 324 pounds that he carries very well, and plenty of length with 34-7/8-inch arms.

Loser: Malcolm Roach, Texas

Roach missed the threshold for arm length with only 31-7/8-inch arms, and for wingspan with only a 77-1/2-inch wingspan.

Winner: Rashard Lawrence, LSU

Lawrence is a good run defender and he uses his 34-1/8-inch arms very well to help him win. That will translate to the NFL in a sub role at the very least.

Loser: Carlos Davis, Nebraska

The other Davis brother is also a loser from the fay but just making the 32-inch arm threshold, but missing the wingspan with only a 76.5-inch wingspan.

Winner: Leki Fotu, Utah

Fotu is not short and stubby, and has plenty of length with 34-1/4-inch arms. A tremendous length that will work with his play style.

Loser: Ross Blacklock, TCU

For interior defensive linemen, the threshold for arm length is 32 inches, and a wingspan of 80 and Blacklock barely got the arm threshold with 32-3/8 inches, but missed the wingspan with 78-6/8 inches.

Winner: Davon Hamilton, Ohio State

320 pounds is the ideal weight for Hamilton, and he pairs that with good length with 33-inch arms.

Loser: Josiah Coatney, Ole Miss

Coatney was barely over the arm threshold with 32-6/8 inches, but he lacks wingspan with 76-7/8 inches, which is below the wingspan teams want for interior defenders.

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Off-Ball Linebacker

Winner: Daniel Bituli, Tennesse

One of the longer defenders from the day, Bituli measured with 34-3/8-inch arms.

Loser: Shaquille Quarterman, Miami

Length matters at linebacker in the NFL and there is a correspondence with a lack of length and tackling issues, which is easy to understand. Quarterman with 31/5/8-inch arms is in that lack of length category.

Winner: Josh Uche, Michigan

Probably one of the bigger winners of the day. Uche looked good in every measurement and has the body of an NFL defender.

Loser: De’Jon “Scoota” Harris, Arkansas

I don’t know much about Harris as I haven’t scouted him yet, but the word I got from sources was his 31-3/8-inch arms answer a lot of questions just in a bad way.

Winner: Cameron Brown, Penn State

With Brown, it comes down to his 233-pound weigh-in, but also the 34-inch arms. Teams want to see if he can move as smoothly as he does on tape at that weight. The length is awesome, though.

Loser: Clay Johnston, Baylor

A lot of defenders on this list, at any position, is because a lack of length and Johnston is no different. His 30.5-inch arms are a major concern for NFL teams.

Winner: Kamal Martin, Minnesota

It was questioned as to if Martin would have the length for the NFL and with 34-inch arms, he does. Now he just needs to learn how to use that length.

Loser: Jordan Mack, Virginia

There is a major lack of length with Mack with 31-1/4-inch arms.

Winner: Isaiah Simmons, Clemson

Basically the measurements just confirmed that Simmons is a freak of nature. Every measurement was good/great numbers for the versatile defender.

Loser: Evan Weaver, California

Athletically limited, but also lacking length. The 31-5/8-inch arms are not going to help Weaver and his stock.

Winner: Nick Coe, Auburn

There is a lot of length with Coe, which is how he won a lot in college. The 33-6/8-inch arms are going to help at the NFL level.

Loser: David Woodward, Utah State

Woodward with 31-5/8-inch arms didn’t meet the majority of teams' minimum threshold for linebacker arm length.


Winner: A.J. Epenesa, Iowa

Length was never a question, but Epenesa showed he has length and then some. With 34.5-inch arms and 82-1/4-inch wingspan, Epenesa helped himself just but standing there.

Loser: Kendall Coleman, Syracuse

There is good athleticism, but Coleman fails with blockers get their hands on him. His 31-6/8-inch arms are not going to help him at the NFL game.

Winner: Julian Okwara, Notre Dame

Athletically gifted, Okwara also brings plenty of length to the NFL. His 34-3/8-inch arms and 81-6/8-inch wingspan are ideal for the NFL.

Loser: Derrek Tuszka, North Dakota State

There is a major lack of length and the 31-3/8-inch arms are not cutting it for NFL teams.

Winner: Darrell Taylor, Tennessee

Length was a concern with Taylor, but he met the threshold teams have for edge with 33-inch arms.

Loser: Kenny Willekes, Michigan State

While he doesn’t have the shortest of arms, he is down there with 31-2/8 inches, which is below what teams want.

Winner: Terrell Lewis, Alabama

Medically, there is a concern with Lewis, but he has the length for the NFL with 33-7/8-inch arms and a wingspan of 83-3/8 inches.

Loser: Khaleke Hudson, Notre Dame

An edge rusher with sub-30-inch arms is not a good thing. Hudson with 29-3/8-inch arms is well below what teams want.

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Did any of these measurements change your opinions on the players and if and where Denver could select them?

No. 1-4

Honestly I'm kinda glad Lynch and Johnston come in on the loser side so they drop and the Broncos can get a steal in the later rounds. Also how did Bravvion Roy not get a combine invite?!

B'wana Beast
B'wana Beast

Is Lynch pushed back into round late 4-5?


So exactly how are the Broncos resetting their draft board?