NFL Combine Day 4: Winners & Losers from Weigh-ins, Measurements | DBs

Erick Trickel

The final measurements are in from the 2020 NFL Combine. All that was left were the defensive backs. 

For a defensive back's measurements, the length is key. For boundary cornerbacks, you are looking for 31-inch arms and a wingspan of 64 inches, while nickels and safeties can be a little under that but 30-inch arms and a 72-inch wingspan are what teams want.

Here are the biggest winners and losers from the DB weigh-ins/measurements. 

Winner: Trevon Diggs, Alabama

It was obvious Diggs has the length for the NFL from watching his tape, but with 32-6/8-inch arms and 78-3/8-inch wingspan, it is confirmed.

Loser: Damon Arnette, Ohio State

There are some concerning comments coming out about Arnette, and 30-inch arms don’t help.

Winner: Jeff Gladney, TCU

The length is obvious and a huge part of Gladney’s game. He had 31-7/8-inch arms and 75-2/8-inch wingspan.

Loser: Trajan Bandy, Miami

Bandy is likely a nickel corner only in the NFL, but he still came in under 30-inch arms with only 29-5/8 inches.

Winner: Javelin Guidry, Utah

Guidry is a smaller corner likely limited to the slot, but he has good length with 31-2/8-inch arms and a wingspan of 74-2/8 inches.

Loser: Shyheim Carter, Alabama

Carter is positionless and the combine is supposed to help clarify where he will play. The measurements helped, but in a bad way with 29-5/8-inch arms and 71-6/8 inches wingspan.

Winner: Bryce Hall, Virginia

Hall checked off a lot of boxes with his height, weight, and length measurements.

Loser: Cameron Dantzler, Mississippi State

Dantzler plays long, which is a good thing with him being under the thresholds with length measuring out at 30-5/8 arms and 72-3/8-inch wingspan.

Winner: Harrison Hand, Temple

The Temple corner is flying under the radar, but with 31-6/8-inch arms and a wingspan of 76-3/8 inches, he will likely get a lot more attention.

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Loser: Kristian Fulton, LSU

Widely considered the No. 2 corner, it wasn’t a good day for his measurements where he missed the thresholds for boundary corners. 30-5/8-inch arms and 71-7/8-inch wingspan isn’t great.

Winner: Lamar Jackson, Nebraska

The size is there, and weighing 208 is a win for Jackson when some thought he would be at, or over, 215 pounds. He also had tremendous length with 32-2/8 inches and 77-7/8-inch arms and wingspan.

Loser: Darnay Holmes, UCLA

Holmes had some hope for a boundary corner with his playstyle, but with 29.5-inch arms and a sub 70 wingspan, he will be kicked inside.

Winner: Michael Ojemudia, Iowa

The Iowa prospect had some good length with 32-2/8-inch arms and 77-6/8-inch wingspan.

Loser: Troy Pride, Jr., Notre Dame

He just met the threshold for wingspan at 74 inches, but his arms were a little stubby with 30-5/8-inch arms.

Winner: Stanford Samuels, Florida State

A sleeper corner that plays tough and has good length with 31-6/8-inch arms and a wingspan of 76-3/8 inches.

Loser: John Reid, Pittsburgh

There is a lack of length with Reid with 30-1/8-inch arms and 73-1/8-inch wingspan and those issues show up on tape.

Winner: A.J. Terrell, Clemson

The Clemson receiver uses his length very well, and it was good to see him meet that threshold with 31-2/8-inch arms and 75-5/8-inch wingspan.

Loser: Josiah Scott, Michigan State

Scott is likely a nickel corner only in the NFL, but the length is concerning with only 29-3/8-inch arms.

Winner: Kindle Vildor, Georgia Southern

A small-school prospect that has great tape, and the length is good with 32-2/8-inch arms and 75.5-inch wingspan.

Loser: Grayland Arnold, Baylor

Major lack of length that is very concerning with 29-inch arms and 71-inch wingspan.

Winner: Jeremy Chinn, Southern Illinois

Chinn has an outstanding body for the NFL and the tape is tremendous. Every measurement met team standards and then some.

Loser: Myles Bryant, Washington

With only 29.5-inch arms and 69.5-inch wingspan, there is a concern with Bryant as the lack of length is clear on tape and causes him problems.

Winner: Nevelle Clarke, Central Florida

There is really good length with Clarke, which teams were concerned about. 31-5/8-inch arms and 76-inch wingspan.

Loser: Terrell Burgess, Utah

I am a big Burgess fan, but his 29.5-inch arms and 71-3/8-inch wingspan is concerning for the NFL.

Winner: Kyle Dugger, Lenoir-Rhyne

Another small-school prospect that showed up and blew away people with the measurements. Size, weight, and length.

Loser: Chris Miller, Baylor

The arm length of 29-7/8 inches is concerning, though it is close to that 30-inch mark for safeties/nickels that Miller would be in the NFL.

Winner: K’Von Wallace, Clemson

Widely considered one of the best nickel safeties in the NFL and he had good length. He had 31-inch arms and 73.5-inch wingspan.

Loser: Geno Stone, Iowa

The second Iowa prospect to make the list. He failed to meet the threshold with only 29-2/8-inch arms and a 71-inch wingspan. 

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