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Film Room: Broncos' DL McTelvin Agim Flashes Big Potential in Win

McTelvin Agim finally flashed his pass-rushing ability in the Broncos' win over the Chargers.

The Denver Broncos pulled out a massive win over the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, emerging victorious 28-13. While the Broncos still have a ways to go to make the playoffs, this win certainly improves those odds quite a bit.

One of the standout players in this game was second-year defensive tackle McTelvin Agim. Agim, a third-round pick in the 2020 NFL draft, has hardly seen the field in his time in the NFL. 

Last year, as a rookie, he saw only 141 snaps on defense. This year has been much of the same, as Agim logged just 48 total snaps prior to this past weekend (along with being a healthy inactive on numerous occasions).

With fans starting to get a bit impatient with Agim's development, he came out and had a career day on Sunday. In 20 total snaps, he tallied three hurries, one QB hit, and a sack. His pass-rush win percentage of 28.6 was the highest on the team in Week 12 according to Pro Football Focus.

In today's film room, I dive into the success this young pass rusher had this weekend and if it is the start of something more for him.

The Impressive Sack

Agim's sack in this game was an absolute work of beauty. The clip does a great job of showcasing the raw talent and ability he has as a pass rusher, and why the Broncos selected him as highly as they did.

Agim explodes out of his stance and quickly attacks the left guard on the rush. As the guard engages his hands, Agim responds with a nasty two-hand swipe. This knocks the guard off balance, which allows him to turn the corner for the sack.

This is simply an absurd rush from a player that has been inactive for most of the year.

Disruption is Key

While this second clip isn't as flashy (and it doesn't finish with a sack) it is another good showcase of this two-hand swipe move that Agim possesses.

This is a similar type of scenario with Agim lined up as the 3-technique over the left guard. He engages with the guard and goes right back to his two-hand swipe move. While he isn't able to work around for the sack on the play, he does collapse the pocket and force Justin Herbert to bail quickly.

Being able to utilize athletic defensive tackles such as Dre'Mont Jones and Agim is such a huge benefit to the Broncos' pass rush game. It especially helps on twists and stunts upfront.

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On this next play, Agim runs a stunt with rush linebacker Jonathon Cooper. As Cooper crashes hard inside, the quarterback is forced to bail from the pocket. Due to the speed and hustle from Agim, Herbert is unable to completely bail from the pocket and escape up the sideline.

The play ends with Agim nearly getting another sack as he forces Herbert into a cross-field throw.

Relentless Pursuit

The final clip of the day may be the most impressive. It features Agim using his same go-to move, and nearly breaking a double team for another sack.

Agim is in the same position he was in for most of the day, as he lines up in the 3-technique spot across from the left guard. He shoots the 'B' gap between the guard and tackle and makes his way upfield, breaking away from the guard with another swipe, and relentlessly getting through for the quick pressure.

He pursues Herbert out of the pocket, and it takes a great catch by the tight end in the end zone for this to be a positive play for the Chargers.

Bottom Line

It is always smart to remember as a fan to stay patient with athletic pass rushers. Agim has all of the traits and the ability to be a really good pass rusher in this league, he just needed time to figure out his game.

Is this breakout game a sign of things to come? The next few weeks will answer that. 

The biggest hold-up is whether this will lead to more playing time for Agim. He has struggled to get on the field early in his career, but Sunday showed that he can contribute when given a chance.

Overall, Agim's potential is way too intriguing to leave him on the bench. Hopefully, he can continue to see snaps going forward and better his game with more playing time. This was a great start for the young player, though.

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