Bradley Chubb Backs Drew Lock: 'I Know he's Going to Change it Around'


Most elite athletes, and particularly quarterbacks, have a unique ability to shut out all the outside noise that amplifies when the going gets tough. Right now, Denver Broncos' signal-caller Drew Lock is looking inside his own locker room to find the support and inspiration that can help navigate out of his current funk.

Lock struggled in the snow on Sunday vs. the Kansas City Chiefs, throwing a pair of interceptions (one of which was a pick-6) and failing to competently quarterback the Broncos' young offense. Third-year edge rusher Bradley Chubb provided the very locker room support Lock needs when he went to bat for his QB on Tuesday when asked whether Lock and the team for that matter, have the mettle to dig themselves out of this hole. 

"We’ve got guys—like Drew Lock is one of the greatest kids you’ll ever meet," Chubb said. "He goes out there with passion and I know he’s going to change it around. I know that those guys on the offensive line are going to continue to block their asses off. I know that the receivers are going to catch those balls that are sometimes 50-50 balls. I know all of that is going to change. I know it for a fact and I 100 percent believe it, now it’s just time for us to go out and show it."

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Chubb's faith and support could serve as a perfect tonic for the embattled Lock, as well as a timely boost to his confidence. Chubb’s emotional rallying call comes in the face of some justifiable criticism that has come the way of the Broncos' offense and its young leader. 

Indeed, voices were audibly raised on the sidelines late during Sunday’s lopsided 43-16 loss to the Chiefs. Chubb was among those Broncos who could be seen raising his voice to his teammates on the sideline but remained unapologetic for trying to provide a spark and hold guys accountable. 

“I’m trying to be a catalyst, and I’ve got guys around me that are trying to do the same thing as well,” Chubb said. “It’s not going to happen overnight. It’s not going to happen by guys letting things slide and letting things go unsaid.”

Messages delivered loud and clear by Chubb, who, in the absence of traditional locker room leaders like Von Miller and Jurrell Casey, is rapidly emerging as a vocal force and inspiration for the young Broncos. It’s a career path to added responsibilities for Chubb that could now prove crucial if the Broncos are to develop into winners.

“I feel like with me stepping into that role, I’ve got to be the one that steps up and says stuff like that and gets animated and shows people how much this really means to me – how much I really care,” Chubb explained. “We worked a whole lot to get here and I’m trying to make the most of it and the best of this opportunity.”

Damaging locker room divisions can deteriorate quickly in the NFL, especially if losing becomes a habit and standards drop. It’s something that Chubb clearly wants to confront head-on by openly challenging his offense to get better and it avoids issues bubbling away beneath the surface.

Chubb’s willingness to broach the tough issues has only been matched in energy and belief levels by his own unquestionable faith in Lock and his offensive teammates. 

"I know those guys are just as upset as we are because they want to win just as much as I do," Chubb said. "So, I know 100 percent that this whole team is going to change this around and I just want to be that kick start to getting it changed around.”

Offensive stars like tight end Noah Fant surely appreciate Chubb's support. But Fant also knows that at a certain point, the Broncos can't just keep talking about it. They've got to be about it offensively. There's talking the talk, and then there's walking the walk. 

“I don’t have a bad attitude about it, but I’m not happy with the results that we have right now. It’s unacceptable with where we’re at," Fant said on Tuesday, pointing to the talent Denver has on offense. "Again, not a bad attitude from my part. Still positive about it, but at some point, it’s like, ‘Put up or shut up.’ It’s time to buckle down and get these things going. As for me and anybody on this team, we have to be on our Ps and Qs to get this thing turned around.”

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I appreciate the view Fant has on the offense. It's time to get some work done

Steve Atwater 27
Steve Atwater 27

It is getting harder to believe that Drew is the guy. Or is it Shurmur? Or a combo? I like the way the D is playing. The O is completely letting the team down. So is the special teams. Like Vic said, I would like to see an efficient offense. Maybe score a TD or two, here and there. This next division game, vs the "next" now playing QB for SD, Mr. Herbert, is BIG. Lose it, the season is over, and the QB questions will carry on.