Broncos 2020 Roster Breakdown: Juwann Winfree | WR

Erick Trickel

Each summer, Mile High Huddle goes player by player to break down the Denver Broncos' roster. That’s right, all 90 of them.

We'll scrutinize each player's history, dating back to college, and what they bring to the 2020 Broncos. Next up? Juwann Winfree, a 2019 sixth-round pick whom the Broncos traded up to draft.

It was a good 2019 preseason from Winfree, but that didn’t carry over into the season. He was active earlier on, only to later be deactivated for the majority of the season before landing on injured reserve. There was no impact made from Winfree as a rookie, and he never answered the call despite all the hype that was built up for him.

Part of what fueled that hype was the info that leaked after the Broncos had drafted him. The word was, Denver was told Winfree could be the next Phillip Lindsay — the next unheralded star from the University of Colorado to go on and set records and make history. 

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Denver drafted Winfree with that type of upside in mind but it didn’t materialize in 2019. And it's not like the Broncos had an embarrassment of riches at wide receiver, outside of Courtland Sutton.  

There is still a chance for Winfree to break out, but he is one of the low men on the totem pole at wide receiver. He isn't in the top-8, or so it seems, and he definitely isn't in the top-6 at receiver, which would include the roster locks. 

Winfree may be in play for the practice squad, but making the 53-man roster seems next to impossible. For a deep-dive look at Winfree and his 2020 prospects, check out the video above. 

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No. 1-1

PS guy. At least he was only a 6th round pick so if he busts, he was a lottery ticket anyway. Muti could be a similar lottery ticket, big upside potential that might never be realized.