Broncos-Patriots Game Moved to Monday Night, per Report

Chad Jensen

The Denver Broncos have had a weird week of preparation ahead of the team's Week 5 road bout against the New England Patriots. With a COVID-19 outbreak forcing the Patriots out of their facility temporarily and rendering star players like quarterback Cam Newton and cornerback Stephon Gilmore to self-quarantine, the Broncos have had to adapt. 

Adding to Denver's high-wire act is the uncertainty of its quarterback situation with Drew Lock healing from the shoulder injury that has cost him the last two starts. The Broncos have worked Lock back into practice on a limited basis but are uncertain whether the second-year QB will start this week on the road. 

With the expectation that Broncos-Patriots would be rescheduled, word came down from on high that the NFL has indeed moved this Week 5 matchup. Instead of the game being played on Sunday, it'll happen Monday night, in news first reported by 9NEWS' Mike Klis and confirmed by Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer.

"Broncos have been informed their game against New England will be moved from Sunday to Monday night per source. It will be early Monday night game," Klis tweeted Thursday afternoon. 

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This new development could benefit both teams. On one hand, the additional day gives quarantined players like Newton and Gilmore an extra day to perhaps make it through and play for the Patriots.

On the other, the extra day gives Lock, as well as other injured Broncos like tight end Noah Fant and cornerback A.J. Bouye, more time to perhaps recover enough to play. 

And so it goes for the Broncos and Patriots in a pandemic-influenced 2020 season. The silver lining for Broncos fans? 

Even though fans have to wait one extra day, at least the Broncos will play the early game in this week's Monday night double-header. 

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yea hopefully no more positives. Didn't see any today anyway.

On a personal note, I get to watch it on tv now. yay if they play that is


How stupid! 2020 is turning out to be one of the biggest scams in history. Someone dies of a pre-existing condition and because they had the invisible virus. They're presumed to be a casualty of the virus. Even if they were pre-disposed to begin with. What's one day going to do, if a player is contagious? Anyone see the $20 dollar bill trick? Where Jefferson's forehead looks like a mask if folded in half length wise and turned upside down.


This COVID-19 is the biggest hoax in history! It absolutely baffles me that the world can’t see that even with a vaccine? The virus can NEVER be contained fully! You’ll always have haters that will knowingly try and infect others. The solution? LET THE VIRUS PLAY OUT COMPLETELY! I’m 59. I actually think I had the virus back in late March but never confirmed it! It I’m willing to voluntarily get infected and if I die then so be it! If we just live normally (pre virus) This whole thing would be over in a matter of months!! It’s just a natural aspect of population control. I’m sick and tired of us having our tail between our legs. This was either infiltrated by the communist or the Democrats!


If ignorance is bliss, G-man should be eternally happy. Let's hope fools can go to heaven, because he will likely beat most of us there.