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Broncos' QB Teddy Bridgewater's Value Set at $35.2M by Over The Cap

We knew the Broncos were getting a bargain in Teddy Bridgewater but this is beyond the pale.

Teddy Bridgewater is off to a good start for his first season as the Denver Broncos starter. Regardless of what one may think about the competition he has faced, Bridgewater is playing well under pressure and has made good throws on most of his plays.

He's also giving the Broncos a good return on investment after relinquishing a sixth-round pick to acquire him and paying him $4.25 million in salary (with the Carolina Panthers picking up the remaining $7M) for the season.

In a contract year, what is Bridgewater's true worth? Over the Cap released its player valuations for Week 1 (Week 2 hasn't been revealed yet) and lists Bridgewater at $35.254M.

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Player valuations are not an indicator of what a player will command in a contract in the future but are meant to indicate how much value a team is getting for a player's contribution. If the number exceeds what the player is actually earning, that means the player is of great value.

Bridgewater followed up his Week 1 showing with another quality performance in Jacksonville. Expectations are he should continue to do well in the Week 3 matchup with the New York Jets.

Then comes the Week 4  game against the Baltimore Ravens, who look the part of a playoff contender. That could be the game that tells the tale of how good Bridgewater can be for the entire season.

One thing is clear, though: GM George Paton made a great move in what he gave up to acquire Bridgewater, and in getting the Panthers to pay the bulk of his 2021 salary. That maximized Denver's chances of getting a great return on investment.

What happens if Bridgewater keeps paying high dividends? That's a good question, but it's one we'll only know the answer to once the 2021 season is finished.

Regardless, give credit to Paton for the move he made, and to Bridgewater for his great play thus far. And if Bridgewater keeps playing at a high level, the Broncos could arguably have the best value QB in the NFL.

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