Drew Lock Approaching his Return Home to KC With Same 'Swag' That Made him a Local Star


Rock stars often return to their roots to play big homecoming gigs, which mostly finds an audience full of eager and enthusiastic locals who are happy to see them once again. For Denver Broncos rookie QB Drew Lock, though, his return to Kansas City this week is doubtful to feature such a warm and welcoming atmosphere when he takes center stage at Arrowhead Stadium.

Von Miller labeled his new QB a "f**king rock star” after Lock’s impressive showing in Houston this past Sunday. Coming off the back of Kareem Jackson’s hugely successful return to NRG Stadium, the Broncos will work to break the eight-game losing skid to the Chiefs and give their young QB the same warm feelings he had last Sunday.

For one so young and inexperienced, Lock appears to be taking most of the exposure and plaudits in stride thus far. Heck, he's even played up to his other alter ego, creating a Buzz Lightyear persona and goofing around with his offensive linemen to celebrate touchdowns.

“I think it was Connor [McGovern] that said something to me about maybe doing the laser as a celebration," Lock said following the Broncos' 38-24 win over the Texans. "And we did it. We made it happen.” 

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The young QB’s unique, loose, and fun-loving style has contributed massively to the team's ability to pull off back-to-back wins in his first two starts. Lock has also shown a maturity and football IQ thus far, which portends well for his hometown return to be more comfortable than overwhelming for him.

“Yeah, I think that it will be blowing up that I’ll be going back home to Kansas City,” Lock said in regards to the homecoming storyline this week. “But you think about it, that’s my home I’ve been a thousand times. Nothing new about it except I’m going to be in Blue and Orange and not Red and Yellow. So it will be a little different.”

So far this week, head coach Vic Fangio has been keying on managing all the expectations for the Broncos' potential QB of the future. Fangio has also been forthcoming with some sage advice that is directed at preparing Lock for the challenges that will confront him in his homecoming.

“Don’t let a negative play have a hangover and don’t let it affect the next play," Fangio said on Monday. "One bad play doesn’t need to be proceeded by a future bad play.” 

As much as the 61-year-old’s wise words and teachings should resonate with his QB, it’s Lock’s natural confidence that is striking to the core of his teammates and inspiring them, perhaps even more than the coach's talking points.

“I said earlier, it’s just guys around this facility and the organizations started to get a little swag, started to play with some juice," Lock said. "That’s awesome.”

As much guidance as you offer to the brash youngsters, they tend to travel their own paths anyway. On Sunday, that path will lead Lock back home and to his Missouri roots to face off against the team he grew up rooting for.

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