How Sanu Trade to Patriots Changes Broncos' Strategy for Potential Emmanuel Sanders Move


With the New England Patriots adding to their riches with the recent acquisition of Mohamed Sanu, the Denver Broncos can tick off their list the reigning Super Bowl champions as potential trading partners for disgruntled wideout Emmanuel Sanders.

What it does prove, with the Atlanta Falcons trading Sanu to the Patriots in exchange for a second-round draft pick, is that the trade market is strong for proven receivers. Other teams, such as the Eagles and 49ers also being in the market for pass-catching help shows GM John Elway could hold out for a more valuable draft pick when fielding calls for Sanders.

Bill Belichick might well have fired the starting gun on a potential arms race in the AFC, therefore making teams more anxious to possibly add Sanders to keep pace with the, now even stronger, Patriots.

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The Broncos are far more likely to trade within their conference if another loss versus the Indianapolis Colts occurs this Sunday, removing the Broncos from a contending position. If Elway is now intent on shifting Sanders, setting his own market will now become crucial as he doesn’t want to deal with the double-trouble of the Broncos losing, coupled with a perceived fire sale.

While it is crucial to maximize the value for veterans, the Broncos deem them as surplus to their rebuild, all of which is bound to further destabilize an already fragile locker room. Should Chris Harris, Jr. also become part of the Broncos exodus, doom and gloom could quickly replace the band of brothers’ positive front.

Another executive decision of positives and negatives comes into play for John Elway in the coming days to keep an eye on.

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Lance Sanderson

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