How WR Jerry Jeudy Upgrades Broncos' Offense From Day One

The Broncos landed themselves one of the top wide receivers in the 2020 NFL Draft class. What does Jerry Jeudy do for the Broncos' offense?
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Leading up to the 2020 NFL Draft, WR Henry Ruggs was the Alabama player most commonly tied to the Denver Broncos. However, Ruggs ended up getting his name called at pick No. 12 overall before the Broncos' selection at 15, going to the hated divisional-rival Las Vegas Raiders. 

With GM John Elway staying put at 15, despite all the chatter about a trade-up, the Broncos landed the other Alabama WR Jerry Jeudy.

After the selection was made, Elway revealed that Jeudy was Denver's No. 1 WR in the class, which very well may be true. What needs to be remembered, though, at least in the first round, is that every team claims it landed its top-rated player at the position in question. 

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That's without fail every year. It's amazing that with 31 other teams, and other players at said position getting drafted, any team can say that it still landed its No. 1 guy. More often than not, these are PR comments and standard general-manager speak to be taken with a grain of salt. 

Jeudy may have been the Broncos' WR1. Looking at the top-3 WRs in this year's draft class, it was all about the flavor of choice. Each WR had a case to be the top receiver and all three brought very different skills to the table for the teams that drafted them. 

What really matters is that Denver landed a very good WR in Jeudy, who can come in and help Drew Lock and Courtland Sutton from day one. Despite the concerns some might have (and no prospect is 100% free of them), the Broncos got themselves a good WR at pick 15.

How exactly does Jeudy help the Broncos' offense and why was he a good pick? In the video above, I lay it out in-depth and what it all means for Lock and company. 

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