Broncos CEO Joe Ellis: Deshaun Watson Trade 'Isn't a Consideration Right Now'

Watson has been linked to Denver throughout the offseason.
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And then there was one.

Following Aaron Rodgers' anticlimactic return to Green Bay, there remains only a single, solitary quarterback whom the Denver Broncos have been linked to and potentially can acquire ahead of the 2021 season: Deshaun Watson, the disillusioned Houston Texans star.

Denver and Deshaun participated in a light game of footsie over the last several months; the former expressed due-diligent interest in the reigning NFL passing champ while the latter supposedly set his sights on the Mile High City, with Broncos safety and ex-Texans teammate Kareem Jackson repeatedly insisting Watson desires a reunion ... in the Rockies.

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The interest, unfortunately for Watson, does not appear to be mutual, however. Putting aside the 25-year-old's nearly two-dozen sexual misconduct allegations, which remain under league investigation, Broncos CEO Joe Ellis parroted the company line regarding its Drew Lock-led, Teddy Bridgewater-insured QB situation.

“He's with the Texans. I can't comment on a player under contract with another team," Ellis said of Watson during Tuesday's training camp-opening press conference. "Vic and George have said we can win with the guys we have, and that's where we're going. That's what we're looking at tomorrow and from this point forward. That really isn’t a consideration on the table right now.”

The company line indeed. Just ask rookie general manager George Paton, who was lobbed a question about the club's rumored trade push for Rodgers and spouted a pre-programmed, tamper-free response.

“I can’t comment on the player. He's with another team," he said Tuesday. "I would just say—as I've said before—we monitor every situation. We're going to have a pulse on every situation. If a player is available that we covet, we're going to be aggressive and try to get him. I can’t comment on that situation.”

Perhaps that line changes in 2022, when Rodgers may get to hand-pick his next destination or an eligible-to-play Watson shakes free from lowly Houston's clutches. When Ellis is out of the picture and Paton continues building his culture, bringing in his guys as he sees fit.

But not a second sooner, apparently.

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