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Broncos OC Explains Why Shotgun was Used on Goal-Line

What the heck were the Denver Broncos thinking on Monday night?

When Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Justin Outten throws in a reference to the classic 80s movie Back to the Future, you know the new coaching staff is indeed the next generation. 

While opinions may vary over Outten making such a flippant joke, especially after an extremely debilitating Week 1 defeat, the Broncos have moved onto Sunday’s tilt with the Houston Texans.

“I think that's been addressed long enough,” Outten said of the Broncos' end-of-game gaffes last week. “There's no Marty McFly to go back in time or go forward. We're focused on Houston today.”

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There were massively positive signs on Monday night pointing towards the Russell Wilson-orchestrated offense becoming more of a Ferrari than a DeLorean, after some fine-tuning. In order for that to happen, the mistakes and red-zone misfirings will have to be eliminated — all of which Outten is actively working on.

“Just overemphasize the situations each and every week,” Outten said of improving things. “That's something we're going to try to hit, but that's how we're going to go forward.”

Stressing the importance of repetition is completely on-point, but it clashes rather starkly with the reality that many Broncos starters sat out the dress rehearsal in the preseason. Outten is now making tweaks and recalibrations with the regular season now underway. That's a tough ask for any coaching staff, let alone a vastly inexperienced one.

After clutching a defeat from the jaws of victory, more pressure has been heaped on head coach Nathaniel Hackett, who has already been forced to admit he called it wrong on Monday Night Football. Hackett has been willing to absorb criticism in order to protect his team, but he feels he saw enough from where the Broncos went wrong against the Seattle Seahawks. Perhaps it can help facilitate Denver making the necessary adjustments.

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“Going back and looking at it, the opportunities were there. We had people that were open. We had opportunities, and I think it’s about being able to execute at even higher efficiency,” Hackett said on Thursday. ”For us, we’re just going to keep on executing, keep on getting better at every single thing that we want to do, make sure we have the right plays and the right people in the right spots, and just keep on dialing it up.”

It's a safe bet to assume that Wilson will iron out most of the red-zone kinks that exist as he settles in. That being said, the Broncos' preference to line up in the shotgun formation under the shadow of the goalposts has puzzled many.

It most certainly gifted Seattle's noisy '12th man' the opportunity to influence the game on Monday, but coach Outten still likes the flexibility it affords his offense in the bigger picture of things.

“There's a lot of variation off of that, that's why we will typically do that or sometimes get under center,” Outten said of the goal-line shotgun formation. “There's just a lot of variation down there and we have things off of it.”

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