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Melvin Gordon Admits Broncos Ticked Boxes to Chase Super Bowl Dream

Gordon re-signed with the club in April.

Denver Broncos running back Melvin Gordon's relaxed personality only cloaks a deep desire to reach his ultimate goal. Bouncing back to the Mile High City seemed like a long shot only a few weeks ago, but now the 29-year-old will play the 2022 season on a incentive-laden $2.5 million deal.

Chasing his childhood dream of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy gives Gordon plenty of motivation, and he detailed how sticking with the Broncos gave him the best chance to complete his mission.

“To be part of something special – which is what i think we’re trying to build here – would be [great] because obviously the ultimate goal made on Day 1 since we started playing ball as kids is to hold that Lombardi Trophy up,” Gordon told reporters this week. “That’s the goal and the mindset, and we have to do whatever it takes to get there.”

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Quite possibly, "Flash" would have been more inclined to chase his elusive ring elsewhere if the Broncos had just stood pat at the quarterback position. As fate would have it, general manager George Paton landed his big fish in Russell Wilson, and the gigantic leap from being also runs to instant Super Bowl contenders proved incredibly attractive for Gordon. That being said, he revealed that some crucial lifestyle factors also contributed to his re-signing.

“With Russell, that’s a game changer,” Gordon enthused. “I’m not really one of the guys that likes to start over. I really don’t like change too much with coming into a new locker room, having to build relationships, finding out who your clique is and finding out who works with you and what you’re able to say until the guys get comfortable.”

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Veteran smarts off the field means Gordon sees pretty clearly the inherent value in having some real stability when it comes to his living arrangements. Not that Gordon is getting soft or is lacking in motivation as he enters the tricky dog years for most NFL running backs.

Gordon's absence from voluntary practice predictably opened the door for the critics to come rushing through and the former Pro Bowler hears the inevitable noise. But, as he has told Paton during their recent contact talks, the fire always burns to be the alpha ball carrier.

“I told George when I was at the table. I told him I’m not going to lay down. I’m not going to lay down, man,” Gordon revealed. “I’ve always had that mindset that I have to go get it and that they’re bringing someone in here to take your job.”

There will be no real mystery as to how the Broncos will go about maximizing the talent they have lining up in the backfield behind Wilson. Heavy doses of sophomore phenomenon Javonte Williams and Gordon in tandem will be a common and unwelcome sight for opposing defenses this season.

Head coach Nathaniel Hackett's complex installation of the outside zone scheme will be aided by having a veteran like Gordon in the room. Hackett knows what the affable runner brings to the locker room in general, and he’s elated that No. 25 returned to the practice field.

“Great. He’s been in and out a little bit, so we’ve gotten to see him,” Hackett admitted this week. “He’s got a great smile and he’s always excited and happy to be here. We’re excited to put him in there and watch him roll.”