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Drew Lock Still Garnering Ad Hominem Attacks After U.S. Open Twitter Insult

Ease up on Drew Lock.

Drew Lock is no longer a Denver Bronco but he's still the target of ad hominem attacks. On Monday, as the nation celebrated Independence Day, the U.S. Open (yes, the tennis league), fired off a tweet that ripped Lock. 

The now Seattle Seahawks quarterback punched back in a passive-aggressive way. Firstly, here's what the U.S. Open Twitter account said to a commenter complaining that golf isn't a sport. 

Lock was obviously pinged by someone close to him and made aware of the tweet because he replied. 

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As inadvisable as Lock's retort may have been, it's hard to fault him for standing up for himself. However, as someone who manages social media accounts totaling north of 100,000 followers, a wise man once told me that anything you respond to on social media, you validate. 

Thus, though he didn't mean to, by responding publicly to an asinine tweet from the U.S. Open account, Lock only perpetuated the antipathy and out-of-proportion hate his name seems to conjure up around every water cooler. 

Perhaps things will turn for the better for Lock in Seattle. After being dealt to the Seahawks in a blockbuster deal in exchange for Russell Wilson, Lock now finds himself in a new football city with new teammates and coaches. 

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Lock will have to beat out Geno Smith for the Seahawks' starting quarterback job — that is, unless the rumors are true and Baker Mayfield ends up landing in Seattle via trade. 

However it shakes out for Lock, it wasn't his fault that he was drafted to a Broncos squad handicapped by inept coaching. He never received the backing he probably deserved from the Vic Fangio coaching staff and as a result, the Broncos never jumped in with both feet on Lock. 

Here's to hoping Lock's fresh start in Seattle is just what the NFL doctor ordered for Denver's former second-round draft pick. 

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