Von Miller Says Broncos QB Drew Lock is 'A Star In The Making'

Chad Jensen

Quarterback Drew Lock returned to the practice field on Tuesday, after about three calendar months off. The Denver Broncos have eased their rookie second-rounder back into action. 

Lock has received about half of the Broncos' scout-team reps, while garnering about a quarter of the snaps on offense. We expected the scout-team reps but teams don't allow a quarterback that many reps on offense willy-nilly. 

No, even 8-10 reps on offense is quite a large seat at the table for Lock, which implies the Broncos are planning on activating him off injured reserve sometime within the next three weeks. Since Lock returned to practice, fans have been pining for any morsel or nugget about how he's performed and how he's looked. 

We heard from head coach Vic Fangio on the subject earlier today. Fangio doesn't compliment a player without cause and he said that Lock has been "good" thus far, pointing to his time away as a blessing in disguise that allowed the rookie time to mature mentally and emotionally. 

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With just a couple of real practices under his belt, Coach Fangio says that Lock has "looked a little better" as a quarterback. That's good news to a fanbase that has been starved for any news and development on the Lock front. 

But the Lock praise didn't stop with Fangio. The team's star player — Von Miller — absolutely gushed about his rookie teammate on Thursday. 

“He’s going to kill it," Miller said. "He’s got everything you need. The other day he ran out and did like a little bootleg and he kind of threw it. It was an incomplete pass, but I’ve seen a lot of good ones play and that was probably the best incomplete pass that I’ve seen thrown. He has a little flip-up. He’s just a star in the making. You saw it with Tony Romo and Aaron Rodgers and all these guys and then they just blow up. I see the same stuff for Drew. All he has to do is just keep doing what he’s doing and good karma and the type of guy he is it’s all going to come back to him.”

Lock's "clear goal" is to be activated. If he stays on this course and maintains this early momentum, it shouldn't take him long to bridge the gap from where he is now, to where he wants to be; the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos. 

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Lock getting a quarter of the offensive snaps makes me wonder what fraction Rypien received.