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2022 Cleveland Browns Mock Draft, Vol. 4 (Final)

With all of the work done, it's just a matter of waiting for the NFL Draft to start. So to finish off the draft season, here is the final mock draft for the Cleveland Browns, trying to follow the breadcrumbs left by general manager Andrew Berry.

The NFL Draft is upon us and while this year's class isn't as talented as recent years, there are worthwhile players to be had and the Cleveland Browns will be tasked with finding their share. That challenge is only heightened by the fact the Browns won't have a first round pick this year... and possibly the next two years.

Berry has continuously talked about approaching the NFL Draft as if he were drafting for an expansion team. That would suggest the Browns aren't concerned with needs, instead focusing on getting the most bang for their buck with each pick. That likely means picking premium positions when they are available.

For this last mock draft, I selected what I think are the seven best prospects for what the Browns want to do, regardless of needs, using the framework Andrew Berry has provided in the years he's been involved.

I used the consensus board to try to make it as honest as possible, though I did not select a kicker even though I expect the Browns will take one. I don't have much to offer on kickers and since some of the boards that comprised the consensus board didn't include specialists, all of them were available in the seventh round.

There was plenty of consideration here for Nick Zakelj, offensive tackle from Fordham who grew up in Broadview Heights. He's an aggressive, athletic tackle who is anything but passive in pass protection, but ultimately, I couldn't resist the charm of a stubby 300 lb lead blocker.

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Poe was a missile as a pulling guard at Mercer. Light on his feet, he'd line up his target and light them up on the move. And he might be someone to develop as a center. What's more interesting to me is the possibility of having him play the position he played in junior college: Fullback.

Poe is quick off the snap and can get on someone quick. He's short for an offensive lineman, has no neck and plays with good leverage. The fact he has experience as a fullback is important because it means he understands the angles necessary as well as adjusting to a moving target, something he's done pretty well as a guard.

The Browns already have a fondness for playing big, being able to bully the opponent with size. Poe only adds to that physicality and should be a weapon on short yardage or goal line situations.

The Ravens made that transition with defensive tackle Patrick Ricard, a uber athletic defensive tackle, who played for Maine Black Bears. Now, the Browns could potentially do the same thing with a former member of the Mercer Bears.

Being part of a high school coaching staff that was fortunate enough to have Mike Hall Jr. on the team, we couldn't resist the temptation of putting one of the best recruits in the country in the backfield on occasion. The future Ohio State defensive tackle made for a hell of a lead blocker and scored every time we gave him the ball. Maybe Ryan Day will give him a carry at some point.