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Second Week in a Row an Unexpected Weapon Sparks Browns Offense

In two games, the Cleveland Browns have gotten big contributions on offense from two different rookies. This week against the Houston Texans, sixth round rookie Demetric Felton provided a spark on offense and ended up leading the team in receiving yards.

For the second game in a row, the Cleveland Browns found an offensive spark in an unlikely candidate, both of which were rookies.

Given just how little third round rookie Anthony Schwartz practiced in training camp and the preseason, it was an unexpected surprise that he would contribute 86 yards on four touches. 

There was far more evidence to suggest that 6th round rookie Demetric Felton could contribute given how dynamic he was in the preseason, but it wasn't clear if the Browns would find ways to utilize him on offense given the sheer amount of weapons, including Schwartz after his debut.

Felton was on the field just three snaps against the Texans. The first, he caught a now pass and proceeded to spin, avoiding three tackle attempts to score from 33 yards out. He got some key blocks including from Rashard Higgins coming across the field to get the last defender.

Felton was also able to take a pass in the right flat, make a man miss and gain 18 yards. The defense was spread out defending the middle and left part of the field, forcing the Texans to only put one man on him.

In just two plays, Demetric Felton became a spark for this offense, both of which electrified the crowd as well as the offense. Felton also returns kicks and punts and while none of his returns have produced a ton of yardage, it's starting to feel like an even when he gets the ball in his hands, because he can be a threat to spring a big return and potentially score a touchdown.

Despite how efficient Baker Mayfield was, completing 19 of his 21 passes for 213 yards, Felton ended up being the leading receiver with his 51 yards. 

The Browns were able to move the ball consistently, but no one player received the lion's share of the looks. That serves to only magnify what Felton was able to do.

It only serves to make the Browns look more dangerous on offense because teams have to prepare for now Schwartz and Felton in addition to their tight ends and running backs. A team that is hoping to get a healthy Odell Beckham back any game now will only be that much more dangerous.

Felton's performance is also a credit to head coach Kevin Stefanski and his staff, because they found a way to effectively utilize Felton and maximize his impact. As Schwartz did in week one, Felton is going to force the Browns into thinking about incorporating him into their offense more over the course of the season.

If the Browns can find just one of these players a week to make a meaningful contribution, it could provide a scoring drive or instant offense. An extra edge for an offense that has been so effective creating offense with their running game and Baker Mayfield completing over 80 percent of his passes through two games.

It's difficult to imagine this will be the last Browns fans hear from Felton, but the beauty of the Browns offense is that one player can be great one week and another can take the spotlight the next. So long as they are able to generate points, win and continue to improve, it adds to what is an increasingly dangerous Browns offensive arsenal.

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